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Jewish Learning Center

With so many facets to Judaism, it is easy to get caught up in the details. Consequently, World of Judaica is proud to offer its customers an extensive education center where you can learn about the basics of Judaism, from beliefs to Shabbat, Holidays and Biblical Figures as well as how the Jewish calendar works.

Jewish Calendar

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Jewish Calendar, Jewish Holidays and more.

Jewish Celebrations

There are numerous Jewish Celebrations; find out what a Bat Mitzvah and a Brit Milah are actually about.


The day of rest; learn about Shabbat’s importance and why it is a cornerstone of Judaism.

Biblical Figures

Take a closer look at important Biblical Figures such as King David, Solomon and Nehemiah and their contributions to Judaism.


Is the Star of David important in Judaism? Find the answers to your questions about what Jews actually believe right here.

Judaism 101

The beginnner’s guide to all things Jewish and Judaism-related such as Israel, the Messiah and man’s relationship with G-d.

The Torah

Learn about the Torah, its contents and how Jews use the term today.

Jewish People

Jews have always been pioneers in the fields of science, math and politics. Learn about important Jews in history such as David Ben Gurion, Albert Einstein and others.

Learning Center

World of Judaica understands that online shopping can be nerve-wracking. Because of this, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the information they need to make decisions regarding Judaica items and Judaica art. Therefore, we invite you to visit our learning center.

There are numerous facets to Judaism, many of which are full of complex information and intricate details. To find out more about Judaism and what Jews believe, look at our Judaism 101 and Beliefs sections. Learn about the basics of Judaism, such as the Jewish concept of G-d, the importance of Israel and the Torah as well as the 13 Principles of Faith.

Discover the secrets of Shabbat and why it is central to Judaism. Learn about the commandment to rest on Shabbat and the different types of labor which are forbidden on this day which is sacred to G-d. If you would like to find out about Jewish Holidays and their significance on the Jewish calendar, visit our introduction to the Jewish calendar and pages about individual holidays such as Rosh Hashanah, Passover and Purim as well as the nature of Judaism’s lunar calendar and what days of the week certain holidays may occur.

Everyone has heard of biblical figures such as Abraham, King David, Solomon and Jacob. Find out more about these important figures in the Bible as well as lesser known individuals like Nehemiah and Micah. If you are interested in figures in Jewish history or those who were prominent in the establishment of the state of Israel, visit our Jewish People section, where you can learn about individuals such as David Ben Gurion, Golda Meir and Theodor Herzl.

If you are looking for a gift for an occasion such as a Star of David Pendant or a Sterling Silver Menorah, visit our different guide pages that contain a wealth of information about individual Judaica items.

If you have any other questions, whether it is about the use of a specific item or a general question about Judaism, feel free to contact us. Our customer service team will be happy to answer your questions and concerns, either by email, phone or live chat.



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